I believe that life is made of opportunities and knowing how to say yes when you are presented with one that can open a path to your dreams. This is what happened when I was proposed to move to Barcelona for work, the land of the director who made me fall in love with cinema: Luis Buñuel.

My name is Massimo Perego Meroni, and I am a filmmaker and assistant director.

I combine my work as assistant director with the realization of projects for third parties and personal ones.

I have worked as a director for brands such as Toyota, 5Gum, Men’s Health, recording, editing and managing entirely video campaigns; and as an Assistant Director for 2 feature movies, various commercials, music videos and short films.

My intention is to continue growing as a filmmaker and as an assistant director, because where I’m the most comfortable and happy is on set.

I am a curious person who loves to always add a surreal and different point to everything he does.